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монопородная в-ка( КЧК)
[ ] 27.03.2011, 16:33


 Выставка ранга КЧК

Эксперт - Можарова Екатерина

класс бэби

Кобели черные

VP 1, CW - Bleck Strendzer Genri Morgan (Santa Julf Dik Dayver -Naina s Dvinskogo Berega)

Суки чёрные

VP 1, CW, BBOB black - Dobi Art Vorozeya (Teraline Midgard -Absolut Illiada)

Суки коричневые

VP 1, СW, BIS Baby - Nevskiy Tserber Chardash Queen (Sant Kreal Zvenislav- Nevskiy Tserber Whitney Houston)

VP 2 - A Donikons Midgarda (Teraline Midgard-A Donikons Neznakomka)

класс щенков

Кобели черные

VP 1, CW, BIS Puppy - Pride Of Russia Rasputin (Teraline Midgard-Sergius Aleksandria Magia Manon)

VP 2. - Ak-Yar Enrico (Teraline Midgard - Ak-Yar Raymonda)

VP 3 - Alshtadt Luxs Magnum (Teraline Indigo - Alshtadt Istinnaya ledi)

Суки черные

VP 1, CW - A Donikons Illerta (Teraline Midgard -A Donikons Yarkoe Sozvezdie)

VP 2 -Santa Julf Ruslana (Pride Of Russia Kaspiy - Santa Julf Ingrid)

VP 3 - A Donikons Intriga (Teraline Midgard -A Donikons Yarkoe Sozvezdie)

класс юниоров

Кобели чёрные

CW, JCCC, JBOB black - Graphic Line Nijinskiy (Grand Mollis Armani - Graphic Line Florenzia)

Суки чёрные

CW, JCCC - Nevskiy Tserber Hema Malini (Yacheero s Pando Pandero - Paloma Pikasso iz Doma Domeni)

Кобели коричневые

CW, JCCC - Sant Kreal Chelentano (Grand Mollis Armani - Sant Kreal Domino)

exl 2, JCC - Sant Kreal Circon (Pathos Delle Querce Nere - Sant Kreal Ukraschenie)

Суки коричневые

CW, JCCC, JBOB brown, BIS Junior - .Sant Kreal Yamaha (Fedor del Nasi –Sant Kreal Prinzessa Presto)

exl 2, JCC - Grand Mollis Diana (Grand Mollis Armani - Ruta Oregon Rival s)



Intermedia class

CW, CC - Vasco Da Gama iz Zoosfery (Maxim di Altobello - Kaballa iz Zoosfery)

Open class

CW, CCC - Alshtadt Kod Da Vinci (Fedor Del Nasi- Agvilon Anastasia)

Honorary class

CW, BM brown, BOB brown, BIS - Grand Mollis Armani (Teraline Indigo-Sant Kreal Monna Lisa)



Intermedia class

CW, CCC, BF brown - A Donikons Zhemannitsa
(A Donikons Tiron-A Donikons Zhemchuzhinka Zhenevieva)

Veteran class

CW, BIS Veteran - Paloma Picasso iz Doma Domeni
(Jivago V.H.Wantij -Mirakel V.D. Rauberhohle)



Intermedia class

CW, CC - Sant Kreal Ciceron (Pathos Delle Querce Nere – Sant Kreal Ukraschenie)

Champion class

CW, CCC - Anlit Rilains Orion (Teraline Indigo-Sergius Aleksandria Kievskaya Rus)

Honorary class

CW, BM black, BOB black - Teraline Midgard (Pako Daker- Teraline Aurora)



Intermedia class

CW, CC - Alshtadt Koroleva Margo (Fedor Del Nasi- Agvilon Anastasia)
Exc 2, CC - Nevskiy Tserber Fata Morgana (Italo Dei Due Intenti-Paloma Pikasso iz Doma Domeni)-

Open class

CW, CC - A Donikons Europa (Zigfrid iz Zoosferi-A Donikons Neznakomka)

Exc 2, CC - Absolyut Incognito (Faloco v. Nemesis -Absolyut Dominanta)

Working class

CW, CC - Santa Julf Magia (Santa Julf Emperator- Santa Julf Dolche Dru)

Winner class

CW, CC - Anlit Rilains Ornel (Teraline Indigo- Sergius Aleksandria Kievskaja Rus)

Champion class

CW, BF black, CCC - Sant Kreal Uslsda (Teraline Indigo-Sant Kreal Princessa Presto)
Exc 2, CC - Zolotaya Liga Empress (Matt di Stefusto-Zolotaya Liga Aurora)

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